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Presentation Skills Training

Public speaking and the ability to deliver professional presentations are now essential tools in the business world.

However, many people fear public speaking more than anything else.

Whether you are presenting to clients, investors, colleagues, other businesses or to the general public, our Presentation Skills Training teaches you the techniques of dynamic speaking and performance.

We show you how to enhance your individual style and produce a presentation that captivates, inspires and motivates your audience.

Intensive on-camera practical sessions give you the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on your presentation style and develop the skills to deliver a dynamic performance.

In this course you will learn:

  • how to structure and deliver a confident and engaging presentation
  • understanding the needs of your audience
  • using your voice and body language to advantage
  • techniques to overcome nervousness
  • audience interaction and handling their questions
  • using visual aids and technology
  • improve your performance through practical experience and constructive feedback

Who should participate:

Suitable for individuals, managers and executives looking to develop and polish their presentation skills.