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Key Message Development

Key messages can favourably position your organisation to further its agenda and achieve its goals.

When communicating through the media or with clients, investors or other stakeholders, it’s important to offer clear, focused messages.

The Key Message Development program helps you work out what is and isn’t working in the messages you are trying to convey to the outside world, or internally.

In this course you will learn:

  • strategic planning and the purpose of your communication
  • analyse current messages for clarity, brevity and purpose
  • how to determine key words
  • make your messages powerful
  • ways to build message consistency over time
  • how to refocus messages to communicate and support corporate goals
  • deliver simple, concise, jargon free messages with confidence
  • improve your performance through practical experience and constructive feedback
Who should participate:

Suitable for executives, managers, key spokespeople and corporate communications teams who wish to develop or refine key messages for their organisation.