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Media Spokesperson Training

Dealing with the media can be daunting and challenging, but it’s also an opportunity even in difficult circumstances.

With the right skills you can learn to communicate effectively with journalists, handle any interview situation and confidently deliver your message to your audience.

Media skills are developed by understanding how the industry works, knowing what to expect when a journalist covers a story, identifying the key messages you need to communicate and undertaking simulated print, radio and television interviews during practical sessions.

Our Media Spokesperson Training gives you all the tools and knowledge you will need to make every media encounter a win-win situation.

In this course you will learn:

  • the role of the journalist and what constitutes ‘news’ across different media
  • confidence in dealing with all types of media
  • practical tools and tips to handle print, radio and television interviews
  • a firm understanding of the journalist’s agenda
  • how to create a memorable quote/ grab/ soundbite
  • ways to avoid being misquoted or quoted out of context
  • techniques to answer difficult questions
  • how to communicate your key messages and stay on track during the interview
  • improve your performance through practical experience and constructive feedback

Who should participate:

Suitable for managers, executives and key spokespeople who have a media profile or are likely to be interviewed by the media.